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Presentation Digest of the Ukrainian Organic Market for BIOFACH 2019

In 2019, at the World's Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food - Biofach (Nuremberg, Germany), the organization of the national pavilion of Ukraine was taken over by the team of the Agritech startup Agroportex.Bio.

It is important for Ukraine to maintain its image as a reliable food supplier to world markets. And the national pavilion is one of the key tools for uniting export-oriented companies and their joint positioning. This was the first year when international donors and support projects were not backing the preparation of the pavilion. Marketing was solely our task, so we used the practices that have shown themselves best in similar projects in the past.

The Task. Separating from the traditional exhibitions and focusing on interactivity without an abundance of printed materials for each individual participant, we decided to create a single and intensive tool for attracting buyers to the pavilion stand - an organic digest (both printed and online versions).

First of all, it highlighted the evolving organic market in Ukraine and presented the entire range of products and producers. The digest, revealing all aspects of the rapid growth of Ukraine in organic agriculture, became the guide of the National Pavilion. It also contained a list of all Ukrainian exporting companies and a complete business activities program held at the pavilion. It also became the main communication tool when inviting potential buyers to the pavilion.

The digest became a presentation of the organic market and Agritech innovations of Ukraine, reflected in its title - Grains & Brains Made in Ukraine. It structured the events and information related to the Ukrainian participants of the exhibition: agricultural activities in Ukraine within the past year and the most interesting events (culinary records, achievements, and awards of producers, round tables results, etc.). Additional attention was paid to IT solutions - the digest presented the full list of Ukrainian Agritech startups in 2019.

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