Brand Identity

Startup Kharkiv

Branding for the First Municipal Startup Center in Ukraine

Startup Kharkiv is Ukraine's first municipal startup center with its own space in the very heart of the city. The goal of the project is to create the necessary infrastructure to help regional startups.

Our task was to build communication between the city startup center and local entrepreneurs. And to do this in a language they would understand - with no "bureaucratic overlay" of municipal projects.

The identity was to unite all startups in the region without obvious visual preferences for any particular industry or vertical.

The plus sign in the logo appears as part of the formula for a successful startup, universal and unifying for all startups.

Our plus is dynamic, it is mobile because this story is about the way a startup has to take in real-life conditions - from a quick start to rapid growth and constant development. As another meaning, it reflects the letter with which the name of the city of Kharkiv begins (in Russian - "Харьков"). The logo was integrated into all the messages of Startup Kharkiv and branded merchandise: bags, notepads, pens.

In accordance with the new identity, we also designed the Startup Kharkiv workspace, created presentations for potential partners, and developed a landing page. 

At the time the website was developed, the startup center had no photo/video content or any information that could be visualized to attract residents, experts, and partners. Therefore, we had to use GIFs and succinct messages for each target group. To test young residents, we developed a questionnaire with an offline captcha :)

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