Brand Identity

Skin Pass

Branding and digital marketing of a beauty studio

“Because” is a studio of aesthetic cosmetology with no aggressive procedures and injections, working on premium French brands.

Our task was to create a new cycle of interaction with the audience: to increase the number of repeat clients and attract new ones. Particular attention had to be paid to an online audience making purchasing decisions based on beauty bloggers’ reviews on YouTube and Instagram, instead of visiting a professional beautician.

Together with the studio team, we focused on the development of a unique and completely new product for the cosmetology market - Skin Pass. This is the result of a 3-level skin diagnosis, including primary online self-testing, followed by a specialist online or offline consultation to clarify the anamnesis, and hardware diagnostics.

The Skin Pass is a multipage personalized skin passport that contains everything you need to know about your skin, including recommendations and cautions. For an online audience, it has become a practical guide to home care and online shopping.

Our participation in the project was not limited to naming, branding, and the development of the necessary printed set of stationery. As a result, an online sales funnel was created for a new audience with targeted advertising at every stage of attracting a client to the studio. Google forms and spreadsheets were used to automate multiple page layouts, which takes less than a minute for employees.

Thus, we have created an offer that provides several points of contact with clients: grabbing people's attention on the Internet, leading them first to the website, and then to the studio. To accomplish the task, we created all the necessary text and video content: descriptions of all skin types, video reviews on all of them for each stage of skin diagnosis, and a separate section of the website was created.

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