Brand Identity


Naming & Branding of an Italian Home Decor Salon

The naming was supposed to distinguish the salon from other boutiques of furniture and accessories, but at the same time be associated with Italy. We were considering several storylines so that to find a name that conveys luxury and personality, for which people would come to the salon. Stylish and seductive décor is often timed to coincide with a new home, which in Italian is “Casa Nuova”. The rhythm of the letters, consonant with another synonym for seduction, Casanova.
So the salon got a light, readable and recognizable Italian name.

The branding task was also to emphasize the connection with Italy and a message that would be clear to the target audience is clear to the target audience - girls over 25 years of age. It was necessary to develop a minimum set of corporate identity attributes: logo and “dust jacket” for branded accessories.

The branding is based on the obligatory companion of Italian carnivals: a lace fan. Laid into the basis of CasaNova's visuals, it, like a capricious changeable guipure under tension, promises loyalty to the traditions of Italian decor, remaining unique every time.

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