Brand Identity

Lyatoshinsky Trio

Visual Identity for a Musical Trio

"Lyatoshinsky Trio" is a young group of musicians named after Boris Lyatoshinsky, a well-known composer in Ukraine. A trio of musicians with Ukrainian roots is highly demanded in Europe and introduces connoisseurs of academic music to Ukrainian chamber music in our country and abroad.

To promote the trio, a calligraphic logo was previously developed, which turned out to be unreadable for even the English-speaking audience.

We had to solve the main problem of using the name in visual identity and marketing and to develop a corporate identity with the current logo and standards for its use, by emphasizing the Ukrainian roots of the trio.

Since we did not change the logo, we focused on the development of the branding block - the principles of the layout of the name (in our case, the domain name), the names of the artists, and their position towards the existing logo. Ukrainian identification could be implemented with a color scheme, authentic patterns, or using the .ua domain name, which we decided on. The domain name is the starting point for marketing. It is that missing description, showing the Ukrainian identity and leading the interested audience to the site.

As a result, the main problem of readability of the name was solved, and the calligraphic logo remained unchanged.

The visual identity of the trio has also been replenished with an additional sign for marketing, which everyone associates with Ukraine. Someone will catch in it our authentic "ШO" (SHO - “What” in Ukrainian), someone will see the Ukrainian national emblem - trident, but we were having in mind the Roman number III. All three musicians are personalities, and the very essence and success of the trio are in their interaction.

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